New website. New blog.

This website redesign has been a long time coming. It feels great to finally have a place to share some of my recent work. Over the past few years, my biggest struggle as a creative has been more or less an overwhelming feeling that my work isn't good enough. While that mindset can be a productive thing to push oneself and learn, it can also be debilitating. I've had camera gear stolen, multiple computer crashes, broken memory cards, water-logged camera housings, and plenty of personal challenges to boot. At moments it leaves me wondering, "Am I really doing the right thing?"

We've all had to stand up to life's difficult moments. You can't just sit back and be swallowed up by fear. Perseverance is what creates character. It's what develops grit, pushing us to new levels. 

So much of what we do as human beings is to explore the unknown, imagine the unimaginable, and create something tangible. Something that tells a story, affecting our current realities. All things produced from a wild thought in our creative minds.

This blog is dedicated to just that, a freeing feeling to post more of my work. It doesn't need to be of the highest production value. It doesn't need to fit in a perfect 1:1 Instagram square. It doesn't even need to make sense. Sure it's good to tell a story but sometimes it's good to just let loose.

If it's an outlet for my creative expression that's good enough for me. 

Maybe you will enjoy as well.


Creative Doldrums